Blueflame Combustion strive to be the industry trendsetters in supplying quality and superior Industrial Oil & Gas Safety Equipment. As the industry leaders, we are setting the standards in heat-delivery processes, ensuring the finest in proficiency and quality.
We service mainly an exclusively specialized Industrial sector that includes:
· food sector,
· textile sectors,
· automotive sectors,
· metal sectors,
· environmental sectors and
· ceramic sectors
All our products and services are uniquely designed to perform to the maximum effectiveness and efficacy.
Our services include:
Sales of Combustion Equipment
We are able to supply our clients with the finest quality products such as Oil and Gas Burners, Flame Monitoring Equipment, Gas Safety Valves and Control Valves.
Repairs on Combustion Equipment
We expertly are able to repair all Oil and Gas Burners, Gas Safety Valves and Control Valves with ease. Our team are the leading experts in the field and will ensure that all repairs are done to not just local industry standards but are also to the specifications of international standards.
Service of Combustion Equipment
Our team of experts service all types of Oil and Gas Burners with their Combustion Equipment. We also offer service contracts to our clients, whereby we come in on a monthly/quarterly/annually basis. With our comprehensive service report, our customers can plan spares acquisitions. Blueflame Combustion prides ourselves in work quality, ensuring that you have as little operational downtime as possible. With a superiority in quality and reliability, we are able to keep your business in production.


Gas Line and Gas Reticulation Systems

Blueflame Combustion installs Gas Reticulation Systems for our customers. All gas lines are pressure tested and X-Rayed before they are handed over to our customers. Our qualified and expertly trained welders delivers the quality that our customers expect from us. We are leading the way in Gas Line installations.
“Turn-Key” Solutions
Blueflame Combustion offers “Turn-Key” solutions to our customers for their Thermal Processing requirements. From the Planning to Commissioning we are there every step of the way. With our vast experience in the Combustion Industry we offer great advice and excellent service.
Blueflame Combustion is making a difference today and tomorrow with innovative combustion technology.


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