If payment of account exceeds 60 days from date of statement, all trade discounts on goods purchased will be forfeited.
1. The credit facilities granted to me/us shall be at your sole and absolute discretion and l/we acknowledge that such facility may be withdrawn at any state, without prior notice to me/us.

2. In the event of proceedings having to be instituted against me/us for the recovery of any amount whatsoever and/or in the event of the company causing to be prepared and/or registered any security in respect of any indebtedness by me/us to the company, then I/we agree to make payment of all legal charges that may be incurred in respect thereof which charges are to include the charges as between attorney and own client.

3. For any purpose arising here from, l/we consent to the jurisdiction of a Magistrate's Court and for purposes of section 45 of the Magistrate's Court Act as amended, the written consent shall be deemed to have been granted upon signature hereof by me/us. l/we acknowledge that notwithstanding the consent to Magistrate's Court jurisdiction in terms hereof, the company in its discretion, shall always have right to institute action in any other Court of competent jurisdiction.

4. I/We hereby agree and undertake to forthwith notify you of any material factor which might have a bearing on my/our credit facilities which may be extended by your company and, furthermore undertake to forthwith notify you of any material change of or concerning the Applicant, including change of ownership, name or address.

5. Should I/we require extended credit facilities, then I/we agree to make application in proper form to the company and undertake to submit all information reasonably required by the company to consider such request. I/we acknowledge that until such extended credit facilities are approved in writing by the company, such facilities shall not be deemed to have been granted.

6. I/We agree that a certificate signed by the secretary/director of the Company shall be prima facie proof of the amount of my/our indebtedness to the company and shall be sufficient proof of such indebtedness for purposes of provisional sentence and/or summary judgement proceedings.

7. I/We agree that the laws of the Republic of South Africa shall apply to any dealings which I/we may have with you arising here from.

8. l/We agree that should I/we breach any terms of credit that might be extended by you to me/us, then your company shall have the right to claim immediate payment from me/us of the full amount outstanding to it notwithstanding the fact certain of the amount{s) might at that stage not have been due for payment and that I/we complied with the terms of credit afforded to me/us and, furthermore, you shall be entitled to charge interest on any overdue amount in terms of the provisions of clause 10 infra.

9. l/We agree that a certificate signed by the secretary/director of the company stating the terms of credit afforded to me/us shall be sufficient proof of such terms of credit for purposes hereof.

10. l/We agree that should I/we exceed the terms of credit extended to me/us by your company, then, notwithstanding the rights conferred upon company in terms hereof or at common law, I/we shall at the discretion of the company be obliged to pay interest on the full balance then outstanding, which interest is to be calculated at the prevailing rate from time to time or at such lesser rate as the company might in its sole and absolute discretion determine from time to time.

11. I/We agree that my/our signature(s) and/or the signature of any employee of mine/ours and/or the signature of any persons purporting to represent me/us on your company's official delivery note or waybill and/or on the delivery note of an authorized independent carrier, will constitute proof of delivery of the goods supplied by the company from time to time.

12. I/We agree that ownership of any goods sold to me/us by the company will not pass to me/us until payment for such goods has been made in full by me/us or my/our nominee.

13. I/We agree that the terms and conditions herein contained are the terms and conditions governing my/our dealings with your company arising out of the provisions hereof and agree that the terms and conditions shall remain of full force and effect and shall not be deemed to have varied, cancelled, waived and or novated unless expressly agreed to by your company in writing and signed by your company.

14. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization. Claims of any shortages whatsoever must be made within 7 days of receipt of the product. Should the company agree to accept the return of any product for credit, the applicant shall automatically and without the necessity for further agreement, be liable to pay the Company 15% on the Invoice price of the product so returned as handling charges. Where any exchanges made, the new product will be charged out and the incorrect product credited after collection or delivery 

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